In The Cafe Review

Tyehimba Jess's Olio 
C.D. Wright’s One With Others
Nick Lantz’s We Don’t Know We Don’t Know
Khaled Mattawa’s Tocqueville
Stephanie Pippin’s The Messenger 

In the Portland Phoenix

Betsy Sholl’s Rough Cradle
Gibson Fay-Leblanc’s Death of a Ventriloquist
Jonathan Aldrich’s The Ring Road


       In the Portland Phoenix

Bill Morrison's ingenious found-footage documentary of a gold rush town, Dawson City: Frozen Time.
Agnieszka Smoczynska’s horror-musical The Lure and its carnivorous mermaid sisters
Raoul Peck's documentary portrait of James Baldwin, I Am Not Your Negro
Reginald Groff's documentary Peace, Love & Zooabout legacy Portland artist and recovery stalwart Zoo Cain.

in The Chart

  Islands, flux, and migration in the short films Lampedusa and Sublunary, by Mariangela Ciccarello and Philip Cartelli.
Printmaker Terry Winters and Poet Mark Melnicove's collaborative sequence Sometimes times:                       Prints and poemsat Able Baker Contemporary.